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Adhesives and Lubrication

Teflon fortified grease which gives boundary lubrication, the standard product is ideal to aid assembly with hydraulic seals and will prolong both seal and mating material life.

Can be used instead of silicone based greases which will avoid irritation of both skin and eyes.

Won’t wash out so is ideal where steam cleaning is involved and as both mating parts are coated.

Will reduce friction, can be used underwater and is therefore ideal for lubricating lock gates and other submersed items.

FG (food grade) is used by many of the worlds leading OEM’s in the filling and food manufacturing industry.


  • Serves under load conditions up to 7,500psi
  • Lubricates at temperature ranges from -35¡F to 458¡F
  • Mechanically and chemically stable
  • Water resistant
  • Only one application needed compared to six applications with any other EP lubricant
  • Available in 1.5oz tube, 14 1/2oz. cartridge, 1 and 5lb can, 35lb pail, 120lb and 400lb drum

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