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Circlips / Fasteners

Circlips are an inexpensive and easily fitted means of providing a rigid yet tough load bearing shoulder for: A shaft (external clip), A bore (internal clip) and are part of modern engineering. Circlips include E-Clips, Wire Rings, Snap Rings, and Grooveless Circlips.


  • E-Clips
  • Wire Rings
  • Snap Rings
  • Grooveless Circlips

Also available are circlip pliers (straight nose and bent nose), an essential tool for the fitting and removing of Circlips


Conical washers that can be subjected to loads in the axial direction. Disc springs produce small deflection against relatively high forces, which utilise limited space. Disc springs can be designed to be assembled to achieve required load characteristics.


We distribute a vast range of industrial fasteners and associated components.


  • General fasteners
  • Sheet metal fasteners
  • Fasteners for plastic
  • Micro diameter fasteners
  • Security fasteners
  • Thread locking fasteners
  • Blind riveting products
  • Cable management products
  • Fasteners to Japanese industrial standards (JIS)
  • Turned parts and pressings
  • Special cold formed fasteners

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