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As we ease out of lockdown, safe, effective face coverings are vital to help mitigate against the spread of COVID 19. Sealco International are delighted to be assisting tensARC who are both developing new face coverings and testing their effectiveness in protecting against the spread of the virus. Working directly with tensArc’s engineering team, we have rapidly developed modified piston seals for their test rig. To allow accurate emulation of respiration, the seals had to create as little friction as possible whilst maintaining a high level of sealing integrity.
With our rapid prototyping capabilities and experience in specialist seal design, Sealco International were delighted to take on the challenge and are proud to be helping towards reducing the impact of COVID 19.
Sealco Covid-19


In order to remain operational during the pandemic, we have constantly evolved and changed the way we do things to help mitigate against the spread of COVID-19 and keep safe. We now have one way systems in place, hand sanitation stations throughout the building and plexiglass dividers to ensure separation in all work areas.

As we head into what is looking likely to be a very challenging winter period, we have further increased our COVID mitigation measures by investing in new technology to help stop the spread of the virus. Our door entry system not only measures the temperature of everyone entering the premises but also ensures that the automated hand sanitiser is used before granting entry. Our entire staff group are now equipped with personal zone alert devices that give a gentle reminder should people venture too close together.

We are fully committed to ensuring we do all we can to reduce the impact of COVID whilst still providing much needed products and services to industry.

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