High Performance Sealing Solutions

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Is a very efficient SINGLE ACTING piston seal. The design of the seal concentrates the sealing forces on the sealing edge. This ensures an excellent leakage control over the whole pressure range. The sealing edge virtually scrapes the sealing surface dry. Where a completely dry sealing surface is required, it is possible to install SharpSeals® in tandem. The SharpSeal® ensures automatic pressure relief between the two seals. Ventilation between the seals is not necessary. SharpSeal® consists of an outer sliding part of Kefloy® energized by a rubber O-Ring. SharpSeal® is pressure responsive. SharpSeal® can be used with a great variety of fluids. Kefloy® is compatible with virtually all fluids. SharpSeal® type 2512- is available in Standard series, Light Duty series and Heavy Duty series.