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Is a double acting shaft seal for rotating applications. TurnRing® consists of a dynamic seal ring of Kefloy®; energized by a rubber O-Ring. The sliding surface of the Kefloy® ring is furnished with one or two grooves (depending on series). The grooves ensure good lubrication and reduce friction. The rear face of the Kefloy® ring has a concave shape. This ensures a good contact to the O-Ring and prevents the seal from turning with the shaft. The seal design ensures an efficient leakage control over the entire pressure range from 0 to 30 MPa. The non stick-slip properties of the Kefloy® compounds ensure a smooth operation. The small installation dimensions allow a compact design of the hardware. This is a major advantage in e.g. swivel joints with many ports. TurnRing® is pressure responsive and is available in Standard series, Light Duty series and Heavy Duty series.